Tips when watching TV

Tips when watching TV
  1. Sit so you're well supported - avoid spending prolonged periods on soft couches or bean bags.
  2. Change your position regularly - if you're watching for long periods, take turns sitting on the couch, chair, or floor.
  3. Use a lumbar roll, or rolled towel, behind your lower back (about belt line) to provide support whilst sitting.
  4. "Half positions" can be worst on your neck and back - avoid sitting with your low back unsupported or lying with your head crooked up on one side.
  5. Position your TV well - try to have the set directly in front of you, at mid vision height.
  6. Stretch - use commercial breaks to change positions and do gentle stretches.
  7. Keep yourself physically active - have a break from viewing and walk to the local shops or continue with your exercise routine.
  8. Be inspired by the athletes - remember to eat and sleep well.
  9. If you experience pain while sitting, you need to change positions or get moving.