Exercise Classes

At Cranbourne Physio and Physio on Clyde, we understand that exercise is the key to recovery, to living better and living stronger. We also know that some people love to exercise with others, to have a schedule for exercise and to have an expert keeping an eye on them while they exercise. Well, for all those people, we've got you covered.

Core Cardio Classes

Our physiotherapists run individualised, small-group exercise sessions in our clinical gymnasiums, which blend core strengthening and cardio fitness. Perfect for anyone looking to use exercise to beat their pain, strengthen safely or feel great. There are a range of Core Cardio class times to choose from.

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Hydrotherapy Classes

Physiotherapists with a special interest in aquatic therapy run our individualised Hydrotherapy classes at the local hydrotherapy pool twice weekly. It is the perfect environment for progressive injury rehabilitation, supported strengthening and active pain relief.

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